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Dutch Lions

Hi Guys,

Today I have some fantastic news about my success in cricket. As most of you will know I live in The Netherlands and if you saw my picture in this blog you might have already guessed what I was going to talk about.

I have been selected for the Dutch National U13 Team and from July to August I will be going on a tour to England. We will travel from Rotterdam to Kent where we will play 1 or 2 exibition matches. Then, we will travel to Bromesgrove School where we will play a tournament in a cricket festival.

I know its a short one but I am really excited.

Peace Out,

The Cornered Tiger.


IPL and My Success

Hello Cricket Fans,

All of the cricket fans will know the IPL (Indian Premier League) is going on and I am personally supporting CSK (Chennai Super Kings). They have a strong squad with consistent players performing time and time again and think that they will win the IPL not because I am their fan but from a tactical point of view.

Moving on from my favourite team to the matches that happened yesterday (15/04/15). The match that was played yesterday was between Kings XI Punjab and Dehli Daredevils. The Daredevils won the match by 5 wickets and it looked like 165 was not enough on the board. The wicket was a batsman paradise and I think that more should have been put on the board by the Kings XI Punjab.

Now about my success lately in my cricket career. I live in The Netherlands so there is less cricket here than places like England but that didn’t stop me. I play for the Dutch National Youth Team and will be going to England to play against various teams and representing the Dutch.

Leave in the comments below what your favourite moment of the IPL has been until now.

Peace Out,

The Cornered Tiger