Lahore Qalanders Analysis

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The Pakistan Super League is all set to start on February 4th 2016. On the 21st and the 22nd of December 2015 the inaugural PSL draft was taken place in the National Academy of Pakistan in Lahore to maintain balance among all five squads of the tournament.

In each blog, I will analyse every team of the Pakistan Super league a.k.a PSL. So lets start the discussion about the Lahore Qalanders.

Lahore Qalanders was bought by Qatar Lubricants Company Limited for $25 million. The team is captained by Azhar Ali and the head coach is Paddy Upton. So lets move on to analyse the batting and bowling line-up.

Batting Line-up

One thing is for sure that the Lahore Qalanders management think that batsmen win matches because their 3 platinum picks were all batsman in the draft. The batsman to watch out for is the mighty Gayle-storm and with him in there ranks Lahore is sure to get high scores in each game.

Thumb lq1

Mukhtar Ahmed was picked as a supplementary player and is the most suited to open the innings with Gayle, but with Lahore you don’t know what to expect.

The middle order of Lahore Qalanders is the strongest in the Pakistan Super League with big hitters and sheer talent. Bravo, Umar Akmal, Delport, Sohaib Maqsood, Rizwan and Hammad Azam will surely catapult the scores and we might witness regular 160+ totals from Lahore Qalandars. Abdul Razzaq will also join Lahore later as he is playing the MCL and this might be the reason why he was not picked as a normal player.

The Lahore batting line-up has lots of strengths but there is one weakness. If Lahore’s batting order collapses there is no player to hold one end. They have Azhar Ali as one batsman like that but he cannot do all of this on his own.


Thumb lq4


Lahore has plenty of all-rounders in the team and the captain would be extremely lucky to have such diverse options at his disposal. Bravo, Hammad and Zafar Gohar are the ones to watch out for. These players are talented, dynamic and exciting and most importantly they like to take charge to the opposition, this is what makes them pretty dangerous.


This is one area where team Lahore will struggle as they will have to rely on few part time bowlers, who could leak away plenty of runs in their quota of four overs. Qalandars have T20 specialists in the form of Kevon Cooper and the latest Bengali sensation Mustafizur Rahman. Yasir Shah too could prove potent on his day but at the end of the day it would be an interesting thing to see how captain rotates his bowlers.

Thumb lq3

Players to Watch Out For

Of course Gayle is the highlight of team Lahore Qalandars but I personally believe that Bravo is a player who would outshine rest of the team. Being my personal favorite of the team, I desperately want Umar Akmal to perform but I myself won’t place my bets on him, as he might win you a match or two but would utterly disappoint you in the rest of the tournament.


Thumb lq2

Zafar Gohar for me would be the most exciting young player for Lahore Qalandars, after seeing him bowl and bat in a match against England, one would completely agree that the guy has a lot of potential and unlike are most “overly talented young rising stars”, he seems to have a cool head on his shoulders, thus a lot could be expected from this young lad.

Captain Issue

Lahore Qalanders will announce there captain very soon, at least this is what their Facebook is saying. In my opinion the captain should be Gayle as he has experience of being captain and he knows how things work in the field.

Hope you guys learnt something about the Lahore Qalanders and here you can see the full squad of the Lahore Qalanders:

Tune in next time for the analysis of another team in the HBL Pakistan Super League.

Peace Out,

The Cornered Tiger


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