Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Hi guys,

As many of you will know the Pakistan vs Bangladesh T20 and ODI (One Day International) just passed and as a Pakistani, I am very disappointed with the effort of the Pakistani players. They lost the ODI series 3-0 and the T20 1-0. In every match Bangladesh won the match with ease with more than 5 overs left.

Many Pakistani legends have commented on Pakistan’s lack of performance. For example: a former Pakistani captain, Ramiz Raja, syas that ¨this is the lowest point in our international history¨, ¨Lack of fresh ideas hurting Pakistan¨ and ¨ Attacking bowling has been the team’s hallmark down the decades, but not anymore it would seem.¨

Pakistan is facing Bangladesh in there first test match out of 2. Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bat first. Pakistan’s poor performance continued as 5 catches were dropped today! It is stumps of day 1 and Bangladesh are 236 for 4. Hope to see the Pakistani performance improve.

Peace Out,

The Cornered Tiger

Check out highlights of matches here:


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